• Our mission is to change the skincare industry by making products that beautify and care for your skin, your mind and the earth.

  • We believe your skin should be cared for and nourished by non-toxic, natural ingredient filled skin care that has lasting results you can see.

  • We believe that skincare isn’t just about touch and smell. Every Selfcare Beauty product is designed to create a sensorial experience that stimulates all six senses for a truly soothing and luxurious experience.

  • We believe that beauty starts with the outside of our product. Each Selfcare Beauty formulation is wrapped in a beautiful, sustainable package designed to inspire.

  • We believe that our neighbors have talents and skills that we can’t find elsewhere. That’s why Selfcare Beauty is made entirely in the USA.

  • Finally, we believe in honesty. We are transparent about who we are, what we make and how we make it. Earning your trust is our number one goal.
If you believe that caring for yourself is an important step to caring for others, then join us.